Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For those enough unfortunate enough to not yet be able to get our network up and running on Ubuntu, this guide is for those who still want to be able to use Avant Window Navigator or AWN. All the links to the dependencies will be included in this short tutorial. This guide is for those running Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10. Also you should make sure that Compiz or Compiz Fusion is enabled and you can figure this out by reading my Compiz Guide. Also follow those instructions if you graphics card is blacklisted.

First visit here and download the avant-window-navigator, libawn0, and the awn-manager. Then visit here and select a mirror to download from. After that, head over to this page and scroll down to the file download section and download libpango1.0-0-1.18.3. Then go to this page to download libpango0-1.0 common. Finally head over to this last page and download the tzdata package which is optional depending on if you need it.

Now that everything is downloaded lets start installing. First install the libc6 which may or may not need/conflict with tzdata. If so then install tzdata first. After installing libc6, install libpango0-1.0. Then libpango0-1.0 common and finally libawn0. Then install AWN and its manager, awn-manager. Everything should install okay without any errors for dependencies if you are running Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10. Then go up to Applications > Accessories > Avant Window Navigator. To configure, right click on the dock and select preferences. Now enjoy your new Mac-like dock. To add shortcuts, drag the icon from the desktop or the menu bar onto AWN.