Thursday, May 14, 2009

This tutorial is as of now, only for Mac. Sorry Windows users, maybe I'll write another tutorial later if you guys want me to.

Okay, so we're going to start off with the requirements. First, you need an iPod Touch 2g (2nd generation) the one with the curved back, and the speaker. Next, you'll need a Mac with the latest Mac OS X Leopard on it installed and ready. Lastly, you'll need a few programs which I will provide the links to. They are free, so no need to worry.

The first download you will need to complete is Pwnage Tool 2.2.5 direct download there. Extract that and leave it off to the side on your desktop. Next, download the here. After that, extract the folder to your desktop. You should have a folder called rslite now on your desktop. Open it up and go to CustomPackages, then right-click or option-click n the CydiaInstaller.bundle and click Show Package Contents. Now drag the Info.plist file to your desktop. You should now have the following files on your desktop: rslite folder, info.plist, and Pwnage Tool.

Next, download the program Untetherizer, located here. Unzip the contents onto your desktop. Then download the 24kpawn patch and unzip that also to your desktop. Now you should have 5 files on your desktop and they are the following in no particular order: Pwnage Tool, Info.plist, rslite folder, Untetherizer, and LLB.n72ap.RELEASE.patch (inside the 24kpawn download).

Open Untetherizer, and click Start Untetherizer. Click "Download Firmware Package" where it will take you to a sharing site. Click "Click here to start downloading" and download the file. Extract the file inside the download to your desktop. It should be called "iPod2,1_2.1.1_5h11a.bundle" and drag this to your desktop. Now, Right-click or option-click on Pwnage Tool, click Show Package Contents, click Contents, Resources, Custom Packages. Then Right click on CydiaInstaller.bundle and click Show Package Contents. Drag the Info.plist from your desktop onto the folder, replacing the original file in that folder. Now, in the Finder window, go back to the folder Resources and find FirmwareBundles and drag the iPod firmware file from your desktop onto your folder, replacing the one already in that folder. Now, plug your iPod Touch 2g into your computer and cancel all iTunes syncing if that starts up. Open Pwnage Tool. Select iPod Touch. Make sure Expert Mode is enabled. On the next screen, pick the firmware that shows up, it should be your current iPod Touch Firmware. In the next screen, click on Custom Logos and make sure that it is unchecked. This is a crucial step. Click the arrows and it should begin making your firmware. Once it is made on your desktop, rename it to Firmware.ipsw.

Make sure that you have the Firmware.ipsw and the LLB..patch on your desktop. On Untetherizer, click on Generate Patched Firmware. DO NOT CLOSE TERMINAL. After terminal is finished, you will now have a file on your desktop called NormalUntetherizedFirmware.ipsw. Set your iPod in DFU Mode. (I'll explain later if you are unsure how to do this). Back in Untetherizer, click "Start DFU Pre-Boot" In iTunes, Right-click on Restore on your iPod and navigate to your firmware on the desktop, the NormalUntether...ipsw firmware. Your iPod Touch will now install the jailbroken firmware onto your iPod. Your iPod will reboot and now you will have your very own jailbroken iPod Touch 2g. Congratulations!

If the users request, I will add some more tutorials for all the great applications that you can download and install through Cydia. Good Luck and i hope your iPod is now successfully Jailbroken. Leave comments if you are unsure how to do a step, or are confused and need clarification on any of the steps. I will be glad to help you with further assistance.